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Immerse yourself in the art of leisure as we transform Maui's stunning landscapes into your personal oasis. Our curated events offer a sensory journey, where lavish comforts merge with the island’s natural beauty. At Maui Luxe Picnics, we're not just event creators; we're memory weavers. From intimate gatherings to lavish celebrations, our seasoned event artisans craft experiences that resonate with your dreams. Every element is meticulously curated for your moment in the spotlight. Whether you're basking in the glow of a special occasion, seeking an escape with a loved one, or desiring a corporate retreat that transcends the ordinary, we invite you to surrender to a realm of luxury beyond compare. Join us in crafting an indelible story against Maui's breathtaking backdrop. Allow us to orchestrate an experience that embodies luxury, tranquility, and the spirit of aloha. Step into a world where every detail is a masterpiece and every moment is elevated to an unforgettable memory.


It's all in the details...

With a background steeped in hospitality and a heart that beats for nature's beauty, Christine has carved a unique niche in the event industry, bringing to life exquisite luxury picnics  and events on the captivating island of Maui. Christine's journey began with a passion for travel and a thirst for knowledge, leading her to graduate from the University of Hawaii with a degree in Travel Industry Management. Armed with her education and a genuine love for creating remarkable experiences, she embarked on a decade-long adventure managing diverse hotels, gaining insights, and honing her skills.

Through these enriching years, Christine's dedication and innovative spirit saw her not only managing hotels but also spearheading the successful launch of two distinct properties in Wailea. Her ability to blend operational excellence with a keen sense of aesthetics set her apart and served as a testament to her flair for curating spaces that resonate with people.


Amidst the lush and breathtaking landscapes of Maui, Christine's connection with nature deepened, and her passion for gatherings took on a new life. Fueled by a desire to bring people closer to the island's unparalleled beauty, she unveiled Maui Luxe Picnics. This venture, an embodiment of her love for both hospitality and nature, offers curated luxury events that combine the beauty of Maui with the joy of shared moments.


Christine's meticulous attention to detail, creative finesse, and commitment to delivering perfection shine through in every curated picnic experience. Whether it's an intimate celebration of love, a joyful family get-together, or a unique corporate event, her touch transforms ordinary spaces into magical settings that resonate with laughter, love, and connection.

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